Private Stock Shell Cordovan Belt

36" Western Whiskey Shell Cordovan
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Shell Cordovan Belt 

In 1905 Horween Leather tanned shell cordovan for razor strops. The top side of the strop was the sharpening (shell side) and the bottom of the strop was for honing (the veg tanned horse strip). 

Our new shell cordovan belts are inspired by the original shell cordovan razor strops from 1905.

SIZING: These belts have 7 adjustment holes each one inch apart. The belt size is the distance from the pin of the buckle to the center hole.

  • Horween Shell Cordovan (Front side of belt)
  • Horween Veg Tan Horsehide (back side of belt)
  • 1.5" Wide
  • Solid Brass Buckle, Antique Finish
  • Hand-Stained Edges
  • 100% Made in Chicago
  • Guaranteed for Life