Horween Shell Cordovan - A Tradition In Time

Horween Shell Cordovan - A Tradition In Time


Time Is Important

Shell cordovan is the product of 115 years of experience, thousands of skilled hands, and lots of patience. The ingredient of time is perhaps the most valuable thing in shell cordovan. I am lucky enough to frequently get my hands on new pieces of shell cordovan on a regular basis. Every time I look at, touch, and even smell shell cordovan I think about how much time is represented inside each piece of leather. I am constantly reminded about this by carrying my shell cordovan wallet everywhere I go.

Our local friends at  Audiotree Media created an amazing short featuring Horween leather and yours truly, Phil Kalas. I love this video because it walks you through the 115 year old tannery and shows you the faces of the amazing team at Horween. The Horween leather tannery does not offer public tours but this may be the next best thing!
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