How to remove salt stains for your boots

How to remove salt stains for your boots

How to remove salt stains from boots

With the change of seasons I receive a lot of questions for how to remove salt stains from Horween Leather boots and shoes. I have had tremendous success removing salt stains and rejuvenating my Alden Indy Boots and Oak Street Bootmakers Trail Oxfords. Keeping a clean shoe will not only make them look great but it will extend the life of your footwear. Just follow the five simple steps below.

Remove salt stains from Alden Indy boots


1) Brush to remove loose dirt.

Brush Chromexcel Oak Street shoes

2) Soapy water.

Take a pint of water and add a couple drops of dish soap. Mix it up.

3) Wash.

Wash the boot lightly with the soapy water.

Wash Chromexcel Leather Shoes

4) Air Dry.

It is critically important to let the leather air dry completely. Letting the shoes dry overnight is best. Do not expedite the drying process with a hair drier or any other process.

5) Condition and Brush.

Once dried, apply some Tanner's Blend to re-nourish the leather. Just like washing your hands, the soapy water pulls out some of the oils from the skin. It is important to nourish the fibers of the leather with a conditioner to avoid a dry, cracked look. Lightly brush.

Tanner's Blend on Chromexcel boots

Before and after leather conditioner on Horween boots

Alden Indy boots with leather conditioner

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