Makers United Mystery Box

Makers United Mystery Box

The maker community in Chicago is coming together to support our healthcare heroes with a mystery box of our best gear. 10% of sales are donated to the University of Chicago COVID-19 Healthcare Heroes fund. 

Makers United launches at 12:00PM Central Time on Thursday, April 23rd on

Each box is carefully curated and can contain up to $3000 worth of goods. What’s inside is a surprise but we guarantee you’ll be pleased. Makers United purchases support small businesses and healthcare heroes directly.

Americans aren’t known for giving up when the going gets tough. From the beaches of Normandy to the surface of the Moon, we go where we need to go and get the job done, no matter how hard it is. And that spirit has always informed the makers of American goods. We build it stronger, to last longer, to tolerances many times more durable and precise than regular use would require. Because we know there’s no such thing as a regular use when it counts. 

The COVID-19 crisis is no different. Our emergency and healthcare personnel, our men and women in uniform, and our service workers have stepped up to the challenge presented by this virus, and though times are tough, we will prevail. The same goes for makers like Ashland Leather and our friends in the leather and everyday carry worlds. We’re not going to stop doing what we love, making super tough gear for super tough times. 

We’re Made for Tough Times

Gear that takes whatever life throws at it is what Makers United is all about. Ashland has partnered with our buddies in the maker space to give you special pricing on our most popular, most durable items to add a little light in these dark times. 

But making gear isn’t the most important thing we do. We create American jobs. Under the Makers United name, we have banded together so we can all stay afloat, and keep employing American workers in our workshops. Makers United is an alliance of craftspeople standing together and refusing to back down from the task at hand.

Meet the makers for this round:

  • Ashland Leather Co.
  • Carpathia Watches
  • Chicago Comb 
  • Chicago Pizza Summit
  • Crosslyne
  • Dark Matter Coffee
  • Defy
  • Grant Stone
  • Horween Leather
  • Oak & Oscar
  • Oak Street Bootmakers
  • Steracle Press
  • Outrun the Sunlight
  • Stock Mfg
  • The Tie Bar
  • University of Chicago Medicine

Giving Back

10% of the proceeds from every Makers United mystery box will be donated to the University of Chicago Healthcare Heroes fund. When you purchase a box, you know that you’re keeping American workers employed and you’re helping healthcare professionals get the equipment they need to save lives.

What’s In the Box

-High-end Watches

-Free boots and shoes (don’t worry we will get you the correct size)

-Gift Certificates Worth Up to $500

-Freshly Roasted Coffee

-Horween Leather Bags

-Men’s Dress Accessories

-Vinyl and CDs

-Highest Quality Combs

-Women’s Jewelry

-Shell Cordovan leather wallets and accessories

-And Many Surprises

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