New Horween Shell Cordovan Color: Garnet!

Horween Shell Cordovan New Color Garnet

It is a rare occurrence for a new Horween shell cordovan color to come out but today is an extra special day. After months of trials, Skip Horween has developed a great new color that he is calling “Garnet”. Garnet shell cordovan ranges from a deep red with overtones of brown to a vibrant, orange-red color.

If you would like to be one of the first to have a wallet made from this gorgeous color please contact me at -- it would be my pleasure to make one for you!

I’ll let these photos do the talking for me. This color is stunning!

Horween Shell Cordovan New Color Garnet

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  • David Shockley

    Hi Phil,

    Yes please! Johnny the Fox in 100% Shell Cordovan!


    David Shockley

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