Extreme Patina on Horween Shell Cordovan

Extreme Patina on Horween Shell Cordovan

In the video above Phil takes you on a behind the scenes journey of the shell cordovan tanning and finishing process at Horween Leather in Chicago.

Starting with the Finest Materials

The process begins with selecting the finest horsehide, known for its tight grain and smooth texture. Only the best hides are chosen to ensure the highest quality product.


Next, the selected hides undergo a lengthy tanning process using tree bark extracts. The leather is tanned in pits for two months. This method results in a durable and flexible leather that develops a unique patina over time. 

Shaving and Polishing

The leather is shaved to a precise thickness to enhance its expose the shell. Skilled artisans then polish the leather using a glazing jack and glass rods to achieve a smooth and glossy finish.

A Legacy of Quality

With over a century of experience, the Horween Leather Company has perfected the art of creating shell cordovan. Their dedication to quality and craftsmanship has made Famous Horween shell cordovan a favorite among leather enthusiasts and luxury brands worldwide. Shell cordovan is made the same way today as it was in 1905.

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