Massdrop's Second Gift Box - What's Inside?

Massdrop's Second Gift Box - What's Inside?

Massdrop gift box round 2

Massdrop has sent me a second gift box now that ten referrals have purchased from my invite. I am again turning around and giving these back to you for one cent on my daily deals page. Subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to hear about them.The second gift box has some really cool stuff inside!

1) Brainwavz S1 In-Ear Monitors

2) Varmilo VA12M Mechanical Keyboard

3) Lamy Pen

4) Keysmart


Massdrop gift box round two

Brainwavz headphones massdrop

Varmilo mechanical keyboard Massdrop gift box

Lamy pen massdrop gift box

Key Smart Massdrop gift box

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