Shell Cordovan Watch Straps

Shell Cordovan Watch Straps

New Horween shell cordovan watch straps are now officially available. We now offer straps in two different lengths and four different lug width sizes. Eight shell cordovan colors, including rare and limited colors, are also available. All of the straps are hand crafted. We use a proprietary edge finish system on these. The edges are hand-dyed to match the shell cordovan colors.


Regular - 120mm x 80mm

Short - 105mm x 70mm

Lug Widths

18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm

Shell Cordovan Colors

Amaretto, Black, Color #8, Intense Blue, Magenta, Marbled Black, Natural, Ultra Violet

 amaretto shell cordovan watch strap

black shell cordovan watch strap

color #8 shell cordovan watch strap

intense blue shell cordovan

magenta shell cordovan watch strap

black marbled shell cordovan watch strap

natural shell cordovan watch strap

ultra violet shell cordovan watch strap



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I just received my new strap in #8 and it fits great, color looks perfect, and the durability while being so thin is really a great feeling. I have one concern though; I almost dont want to wear it for fear of scratching and stretching it! Do you guys have any suggestions for bringing these back to life after extended use? Or alternatively I was considering one of those deployment clasps… anyone out there figure out how to make these look perfect forever? Thanks

Joshua Cornwall

Is it possible to make one piece leather straps?

Omar Rubert

I purchased a black and Color #8 shell cordovan straps when they were on sale. Ashland watch straps are fantastic, nicely made and very comfortable. I am glad that Ashland offered a shorter option as the regular length straps were too long for my wrist. The straps are thin because they are unlined, but that is probably what makes them so supple and comfortable.

David M

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