Viberg Natural Shell Cordovan Derby Boots

Viberg Natural Shell Cordovan Derby Boots

I've been working with the best leather in the world every day since June 2006. Owning a pair of shell footwear is something that I have always wanted. I've tried, unsuccessfully, several times to get myself fitted into some shell cordovan footwear. 


Nick Horween and Brett Viberg were kind enough to help me get the correct sizing and style shell cordovan boot of my own. They helped me pick a Derby Boot on the 110 last in natural shell cordovan. Brett also suggested a Danite sole and speed laces in brass. At the end of January my order details were confirmed with Viberg.

Got a progress update on Valentine's Day, February 14th.

Viberg natural horween shell cordovan in process

On March 5th they were completed at the factory.

Viberg natural horween shell cordovan boot

Received less than a week later.

Viberg boot box

Viberg boot box label

Viberg Natural shell cordovan leather boots

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How do I get a pair of these? They are amazing boots!

Turk White





Can I inquire about getting a pair of boots


Would like to check if it’s still possible to get myself a pair of shell cordovan boots too?


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