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Ashland Leather

Private Stock Leather Playing Card Case

Private Stock Leather Playing Card Case

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Whether you're a seasoned grinder traveling to a juicy cash hold 'em game, or a gentle-souled gin rummy player headed to the park, you've probably asked yourself "why aren't I carrying my deck of playing cards in a custom-made Horween leather case?" Well, actually, no one has asked themselves that. Literally ever.

And yet, here we are. Ashland is proud to present the Playing Card Case, a clever solution desperately looking for a problem. Yes, we know playing cards already have a box. But have you tried putting a spiffy leather cover OVER the box? Thought not, smartass. Every case is handmade from a single piece of Horween leather, with a magnetic snap closure. It's a perfect fit for a standard package of Bicycle Playing Cards...which coincidentally, is included with the case. Anyway, it's a case. For playing cards. Made from the finest leather in the world. It keeps 'em safe and looking cool.

  • Famous Horween Leather
  • Magnetic Snap Closure, Antique Brass Finish
  • Hand-Stained matching edges
  • Fits Standard Playing Cards (included!)
  • Makes a great gift (For dad, mom, cowboy magicians, Gambit, etc.)
  • Dimensions: 4" x 2.75" x 0.75"
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