Ashland Leather's simple Chromexcel wallet polishing method

Horween's famous Chromexcel leather is so well nourished with waxes, oils, and greases that the leather is known as self-polishing. No polish is required! Often the brushing your wallet gets from being put into pockets is enough to keep it looking great.
However, if you want to work on getting out unwanted scratches (or clean up the dirt and make it shine) you can definitely put in a bit of extra effort for an extraordinary outcome.

Here's how we do it:

1) Take a fine horsehair brush and brush the wallet. This is most likely all you will need to do.

2) To continue to remove dirt, take a very lightly-dampened cloth and quickly wipe down the leather and brush again.

3) At this point you may be done. If the leather is not the luster you want, apply your favorite neutral colored leather polish (we use Tanner's Blend at Ashland). We prefer to apply the polish with a finger because it gives better control of where the polish goes. Apply the polish in circular motions evenly over the wallet – bring to a light, cloudy haze.

If you wish to darken the leather or apply other types of color you can use black polish or other colors.


4) Let the wallet sit for 10 minutes or more.


5) Buff off excess polish with a soft, dry cloth.


6) Briefly brush with a fine horsehair brush.


7) Admire your work. Surface scratches and dirt are gone, and your leather shines like a mirror.